A Brief History of Electronic Cigarettes

To many Americans, “vaping” or using electronic cigarettes may be a newer concept. It wasn’t until recent years we started seeing “Vape Stores” pop up all over towns across America. But when exactly were electronic cigarettes created?
Ancient cultures across the world used “hot stones” with herbs and oils to create vapor, which would be inhaled similar to the vapor in electronic cigarettes these days. However, the first record of an “electronic cigarette” dates back to 1927. A man named Joseph Robinson came up with the idea of an electronic device which could administer nicotine without smoking. In 1964, Herbert Gilbert actually invented the first “smokeless” non-tobacco cigarette. In 1965 Mr. Gilberts “electronic cigarette” was patented. Unfortunately not many people knew of this new invention and analog cigarettes remained popular for many more decades. During the 1980s, Phil Ray and Normal Jacobson worked towards commercializing e-cigarettes, however in the 1990s the FDA would not allow the introduction of electronic cigarettes on the market.

hon-likFast forward to the 2000s and Hon Lik, a chinese pharmacist, created the first e-cigarette. In 2006, Dragonite International introduced electronic cigarettes to the world, starting with Europe. Over the years electronic cigarettes have evolved, Umer and Tariq Sheikh introduced the world to cartomizers, making the electronic cigarette more customer-friendly and affordable.

So what does the future hold for electronic cigarettes and vaping? With recent news that the FDA is focusing more on traditional cigarettes and their addictive, harmful ingredients, hopefully the future is bright. Allowing us to find newer, healthier alternatives to analog traditional cigarettes.