Our Story

Mark and I have known each other for over fifteen years. Since that time, we have inspired and challenged each other to new goals or various projects. As next door neighbors, this brought on a new meaning to neglected backyards. In the beginning, it began with ideas, then a design, then hard work followed. We removed loads of dirt, planted blooms, laid stone patios and rolled out rock gardens. We then adjoined both yards with a single fence, each board cut and stained by hand. Every summer, each yard took on its own character in charm and style. The lighted “compound’ was the pride and center of our summer nights! But the reality was different. Time was a luxury!  Family and friends were distant. Repeatedly, we would joke about the day when we would share this great spot with generous hospitality. In 2013, we made it happen! 

We left our stale jobs and welcomed the idea as the change we needed. We visited family in North Carolina where two family members quit smoking, opting for some hand held-device known as an electronic cigarette. Although the concept had already taken root, the e-cigarette seemed refreshing and smart!  We had not seen an e-cigarette store back home!  Was the e-cigarette industry thriving in the home of “big tobacco”?  The timing was perfect!  So together, we took on the mission to make it our career and help the community enjoy this new technology. Once again, Mark and I could now put our ideas to work. We would choose quality products in a relaxed setting, extending our hospitality down Vine Street! We hope that our cozy living room atmosphere makes each of you feel at home. We know this revolutionary product will have a profound impact on your life, because it WORKS! 


The summer of 2014 was a time of growth for Premium Vapors. As luck would have it, our very FIRST customer from Willoughby strongly suggested the need for an e-cigarette store in Chardon, Ohio. Until that moment, we never dreamed of a possibility! But that first summer in business we found a small gem of a space and opened our second location in Chardon’s historic downtown district. The distance between stores is twenty-two miles and we travel several times a week. Based on customers’ requests, each store gives us welcomed challenges and a refreshing perspective for further growth. It was an exciting time, loaded with many decisions at every turn.  We learned, laughed and adapted. It was great fun!


In 2016, we were up against compounding, strict federal regulations. We made phone calls to our congress and representatives. We worked overtime, investing endless hours, to make sense of what exactly we were up against. It was a costly, confusing and uncertain time, reading constant updates that put us to the test. It was a must to comply and we made the decision to be prepared for all new policies soon to be law. It was a very, very tough summer with our nose to the grindstone and not knowing what lay ahead. But we were in it for the distance! 

 In June of 2016, we took part in one of the largest vapor expos in Miami Beach. It was a terrific experience and perhaps the last of the “wild west style” vaping expos of the vaping industry. All of us in the business knew it! The FDA rules would go into effect in just two months’ time. We were proud to be part of such an event and the whole experience in Miami, Florida. Also in 2016, we took over the retail space next door to our Willoughby store and have used it as a ship shop to house our Premium Vapors e-liquids. The chance to have obtained this convenient space allows us for expansion in the future. We were very fortunate to have leased it with so little moment’s notice.


 In 2017, we enter our fourth year of business and have exciting plans. Our goal is to always look to stay innovative with new products and provide the high-quality specialty items that customers demand. In addition, we provide authentic and safe products!

Our goal is for people to breathe easier as they go about life’s challenges! Finally, we might add that we truly have the best staff in the business! They provide us with the latest product knowledge in a fast-paced industry, with passion and upbeat energy! This reflects in their work ethic and with the excellent customer service they provide day in day out. Essentially, however it is our loyal customer base (that continues to grow) which is the cornerstone for every decision we make! The pleasure is ours!

Kathy and Mark


Tell your neighbors it’s Premium Vapors!