Author: Mike Latessa Clint Mayfield


Button Switches vs Breath Switches

When we refer to pod mods, there are basically two types of devices in terms of how they are operated. Breath-switch operated firing, and button operated firing. If you are new to vaping, you might be wondering which one is best. The nature of these devices might ultimately boil down to personal preference, but there […]

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The Orion DNA Go AIO Pod System by Lost Vape

The Orion DNA Go AIO by Lost Vape is one the most revolutionary pod devices of its time. It outdoes the competition by allowing the user to completely customize the performance of the Orion Go. By downloading “Escribe”  to your laptop or computer and connecting your Orion Go you gain access to literally every single […]

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Finally, Electronic Cigarettes Get Their Day In The Sun!

A major new study delivers compelling evidence to suggest that vaping does indeed help smokers quit using traditional cigarettes. This study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, has the potential  to reshape the climate of the vape industry in America as e-cigarettes are proving to be virtually twice as effective as […]

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Quit Smoking in 2019

2019 is a new year, and with this comes a chance to make it  better year by improving ourselves. It is an opportunity to finish 2019 with an improved state of health that we now have just begun. We always have choices large and small.  The media continues to create a stigma of sweeping generalizations […]

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