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How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

So you’ve been introduced to the world of “vaping” or electronic cigarettes, but what exactly is an electronic cigarette and how do they work? While there may be some variation among brands and types of electronic cigarettes, the following information is applicable to most devices. Read more

New York State: Vaping in Public Banned

On Oct. 23, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a law that prohibits the use of electronic cigarettes anywhere cigarettes are already prohibited, like workplaces, restaurants and bars. The ban goes into effect in 30 days. When it takes effect next month, New York’s new law will cover vaping under the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act. The blanket restriction will not apply to people who want to use e-cigarettes in private homes, in hotel rooms, or at retail tobacco outlets. In New York, around 70 percent of the state’s municipalities already have bans in effect, according to the American Lung Association. New York City’s ban has been in place since 2013, when then-Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg included it in the […]

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e-Liquid 101

e-Liquid consists of three basic parts: nicotine, liquid and food-grade flavoring. Nicotine is extracted from tobacco plants in a pharmaceutical lab and diluted to workable levels with propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerine (VG). The solution is then combined by the factory or individual making the final product with more PG or VG and the flavorings. Nicotine Nicotine content in e-liquid is generally measured in milligrams per milliliter. Common nicotine levels in commercial generally ranges from 0 – 24 mg/ml with a few vendors selling slightly higher concentrations. Concentrations may also be expressed in percentages. An e-liquid with 18mg may be referred to as having 1.8% nicotine. Choosing the right level of nicotine can be tricky as it will depend […]

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E-Cigarettes Less Addictive than Regular Cigarettes?

According to studies conducted by the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health – or PATH for short – those who vape using e-cigarettes are far less addicted to that action than those who smoke regular tobacco cigarettes. This will come as no surprise to a lot of regular vapers, but with the pervasive lies that are spread concerning e-cigarettes it is a study worth completing – for those who sit on the fence about e-cigarettes being an effective method of quitting smoking it’s vital this news is spread far and wide. Read more