Coils and Wire

We carry the following coils:

Evod One
Evod Two, Evod Glass
Protank 1, 2, 3
Kanger Aerotank and Mega Aerotank
Aspire ETS BVC & BDC
Aspire Nautilus BVC & BDC

Aspire Atlantis .03, .05, 1.0 oHm
Aspire Triton
Kanger OCC 0.5,1.2, 1.5 oHm
Kanger OCC Nickel Coil
Delta 2 Tank .5 oHm Coil
Arctic Tank .2, .5 and NI.15 oHm Coils
eGo ONE coil   0.5, Ni, Ti
Sigelei Elite  0.5, Ni
Playboy Vixen .1 Ni200, .5ohm, .5 Ni Clapton



Mad Rabbit Low Resistance Wire

Low Resistance wire is perfect for rebuilding your atomizer and especially good for sub ohm coil builds. It has lower resistance per length than kanthal, which means it will heat up noticeably faster and is a preferred alternative to Kanthal for this reason for many cloud chasers. Available in 18, 20, 22, 24 and 26 gauges.

Mad Rabbit Nichrome 80 Wire

Nichrome 80 will heat up noticeably faster than kanthal wire and is great for Clapton building due to the heat and the color it produces. Available in 20, 22 and 24 gauges.

Mad Rabbit Stainless Steel Coil Pack (Premade)

Stainless Steel pre-built coils in a handy case. Total of 32 Coils

4 pcs 0.32 ohm Clapton Coils
4 pcs 0.26 ohm Tiger Coils
4 pcs 0.30 ohm Fused Clapton Coils
4 pcs 0.28 ohm Alien Clapton Coils
4 pcs 0.55 ohm Hive Coils
4 pcs 0.20 ohm Quad Coils
4 pcs 0.30 ohm Staggered Coil
4 pcs 0.70 ohm Super Clapton Coil

Mad Rabbit Kanthal Coil Packs (Premade)

Kanthal pre-built coils in a handy case. 48 coils total

6 pcs 0.85 ohm Clapton Coils
6 pcs 0.45 ohm Mix Twisted Coils
6 pcs 0.50 ohm Hive Coils
6 pcs 0.36 ohm Quad Coils
6 pcs 0.36 ohm Flat Twisted Coils
6 pcs 0.45 ohm Alien Clapton Coils
6 pcs 0.45 ohm Fused Clapton Coils
6 pcs 0.36 ohm Tiger Coils

 We also carry Kanthal, NiChrome and Nickel wire in various gauges. 



The perfect all-in-one kit for builders. Each kit includes: diagonal pliers, needle-nose pliers, Stainless steel folding scissors, pen styled phillips and flathead screwdrivers, ceramic tweezers, elbow tweezers and 30 ft of 24 gauge Kanthal wire. Also included: 521 mini tab, coiling kit v4, T styled HEX screwdriver, Japanese organic cotton and a silicone rubber case.