E-Cigarettes Less Addictive than Regular Cigarettes?

According to studies conducted by the Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health – or PATH for short – those who vape using e-cigarettes are far less addicted to that action than those who smoke regular tobacco cigarettes. This will come as no surprise to a lot of regular vapers, but with the pervasive lies that are spread concerning e-cigarettes it is a study worth completing – for those who sit on the fence about e-cigarettes being an effective method of quitting smoking it’s vital this news is spread far and wide.

Published in the medical journal Preventative Medicine, the study was an ongoing survey that used a huge sample to build the data from – 30,000 people. The sample contain a mixed bag of participants, from young to old from various backgrounds. Once all the answers were collected, they whittled down the survey into those relevant to the study, ie, those were frequently smoked/vaped – this left them with approximately 3500 participants.

The study found that the vaping participants were far less likely to have cravings, didn’t have difficulty not smoking when not appropriate (like in private spaces) and didn’t identify as an addict compared to the smoking participants. It is also worth noting that e-cigarette users, on average, have their first use much later in the day compared to smokers, who have their first cigarette much earlier in comparison.

There is a follow-up study planned already for this, that will require those who take part to submit a blood and urine sample to monitor the users’ actual nicotine levels and compare with what they self-reported their dependence on it to be. This follow-up study will also monitor those who use e-cigs and regular cigarettes in order to get a better picture of a large sample that was overlooked in the original study.