Health Benefits of…Nicotine?

For years, nicotine was blamed as the ingredient that caused cancer in cigarettes, however research has since shown that is absolutely false. Newer studies are now even showing that nicotine may have some health benefits, which is quite the opposite of what people have thought for years. Showing the major differences between traditional cigarettes and the newer electronic variety.

Did you know that nicotine can be found in quite a few things you may never think it would be in? Tomatoes? Eggplants? Why isn’t the public discussing the harmful nicotine in these foods?

Nicotine has been found to be relatively “innocuous” and there is actual science that backs up the notion that nicotine can have benefits that are slowly being recognized in the medical field.

The most recent report comes from Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews. The study pinpointed nicotine as a way to combat late-life depression when antidepressants have proven ineffective. Which is why a lot of former smokers can tell you firsthand that they turn to nicotine when they’re depressed.

We’ve seen some progress with the vaping industry this year, looking at nicotine and vaping in a different light, but will it be enough to highlight any potential benefits?