How Do Electronic Cigarettes Work?

So you’ve been introduced to the world of “vaping” or electronic cigarettes, but what exactly is an electronic cigarette and how do they work? While there may be some variation among brands and types of electronic cigarettes, the following information is applicable to most devices.

vapeAn electronic cigarette, also known as an e-cig or smokeless cigarette is an alternative, healthier way of consuming nicotine. Some manufacturers create e-cigarettes to resemble traditional analog cigarettes, however tanks and pens have become a more popular option.

Every electronic cigarette has either a cartridge or a tank which contains the e-liquid. An atomiser may be inside of the cartridge or a separate piece that screws onto your electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes also contain absorbent batting or a wick which delivers the e-liquid to the atomiser. In order to power the electronic cigarette and heat up the atomiser, your electronic cigarette will contain a battery (or batteries), some electronic cigarette models have removable batteries, others charge with a power cable.

When the atomiser is activated (either through inhaling or pressing a button, depending on your device) it heats up the liquid. When heated, it begins to create vapor (which resembles smoke, although is NOT smoke) which you inhale. This vapor is created from the e-liquid, which contains propylene glycol and usually vegetable glycerin. Propylene glycol can be found in drinking water, certain foods, medications, cosmetics and more!

Interested in kicking your smoking habit for a healthier alternative? Electronic cigarettes may be the perfect choice for you!

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