How Much Hemp CBD Should I Take?

Like any supplement or medication, dosage can be very important for proper use and desired results. Serving sizes may be different depending upon the person due to various factors and the body’s need. There are a range of potencies and serving sizes when it comes to hemp derived CBD products.

Premium Hemp Co. Recommendation

At Premium Hemp Co. we recommend starting slow and having a trial period to help determine the best amount for your body. Depending upon the product you purchase, there are different serving sizes and consumption instructions. Always read the packaging! For the first week, we recommend following the serving size/consumption instructions, if you feel you need an adjustment you can do that later.

Many of our customers have reported that the serving size on the product packages are enough for their specific needs, however some have reported they take more than the package recommendation. Due to lack of research on hemp CBD dosage, we always recommend starting small and working your way up.

What are the Side Effects of Hemp CBD?

Hemp CBD has very little known side effects. When taking a dosage above the recommendation on the packaging some people have reported feeling extra fatigued/tired and an upset stomach. Although these side effects are extremely mild, they can be avoided by carefully dosing.

Have additional questions?

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