National Institutes of Health: More Than 50% Of Vapers Quit Smoking

maxresdefaultIn a recent National Health Interview Survey, The National Institutes of Health has found that 52% of daily electronic cigarette users have quit smoking, which is three times higher than the quitting rate of smokers that do not use electronic cigarettes.

  • Survey Highlights
  • Over 50% of daily electronic cigarette users in the sample quit smoking within the last five years.
  • Daily electronic cigarette users were three times more likely to quit smoking than those that never use e-cigarettes.
  • Occasional e-cig users are least likely to quit.

Another interesting portion of the study is: “highlights the need to better understand this subgroup, including the individual factors and/or product characteristics that may inhibit cessation.” Hinting at the fact that The National Institutes of Health understands the type of electronic cigarette and quality of juice may play a large role in the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes and their ability to help smokers quit.aspirebreeze

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