Planes: Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes

To begin with, let’s talk about where your vaping device will need to be for the duration of your flight. The recent changes in the laws and rules regarding vaping means that your electronic cigarette can no longer be stored with all of your other luggage in the hold of the craft. This is because there have recently been reports of the devices overheating inside the luggage and then exploding, which can be extremely dangerous in a pressurised aircraft that is so many miles up in the air. To ensure that this does not happen, passengers are asked to make sure that their vaping devices are stored inside their hand luggage and then brought with them onto the aircraft, where they will remain in the luggage racks for the duration of the trip.


There are also things you should consider when it comes to travelling with a vaping device. To begin with, it’s critical that you remember that current laws prohibit the use of vaping devices while the aircraft is in motion. This is because the vaping device can potentially set off the smoke alarms present inside the aircraft, and this could cause unwarranted panic among the other passengers. As well as this, both the vapour from your device and the noises of the alarms can cause distress to your fellow passengers and could become a source of irritation.

Regarding travelling with e-liquids in bottles, it is advised that you make sure they’re around half full when you board the plane. This is because the air pressure changes will cause the e-liquid to expand, so you may find yourself dealing with a leak if you do not take the correct steps beforehand. This leakage can also be prevented by removing some of the air from the bottle using just the pipette, to allow the sufficient liquid room to expand.

Overall, these are the things you should know if you’re going to be travelling on a commercial airline, or any airline. Making sure that you follow all the rules and regulations which have been laid down is key to ensuring that you have a hassle-free and smooth flight to wherever it is you’re going. As a general rule, the vaping supplies you take with you on a flight should comply with any and all regulations which are in force, as to ensure that you do not cause any undue hassle and fuss.