• Check your batteries for bare spots. Do not use if there are any nicks or tears. There are inexpensive battery wraps available so that you can re-wrap your batteries. Most vape shops have them available and can teach you how to re-wrap batteries very simply yourself.

• Carry loose batteries in a case. Don’t put loose batteries in your pocket (or purse). Batteries that come in contact with metal objects such as keys or loose change is a very dangerous situation. Turn you device off before you put it in a pocket or purse so it doesn’t bump something and fire accidently. 

• Be aware of heat. If you overwork your mod the batteries may overheat so put the mod down if it becomes overly hot.

• Don’t leave your e-cigarettes in a hot car. Not only is it not good for the batteries, the o-rings and liquid in the tank may thin out and the tank may start to leak. Take your vape equipment with you when you leave the car.

• Don’t leave your batteries charging unattended. Remove them from the charger when they are finished charging.

• Charge removable batteries externally.

• Use the appropriate adapter for micro USB chargers. Most phone adapters are rapid chargers and are way too much for your e-cigarette to handle.

• Keep your e-cigarettes and e-liquids out of reach from children and pets.

• If your e-cigarette is acting strangely, don’t use it. If there are loose screws or loose parts, do not use it. Take it to your vape shop and have them check it out.


If your device isn’t working correctly, there are some simple things you can check at home to try to resolve a problem:

• It may sound overly simple but, is the device turned on? Is it properly charged?

• Check the coil. Is it loose? Does it look black inside? Are you getting a burnt flavor? Many problems with e-cigarettes can be solved by simply changing the coil. A good piece of advice is to always have a spare coil around in case things go wrong.

• Is the setting appropriate for the coil? Most coils have the wattage range stamped on them or on the box the coils came in. If the wattage/voltage is set too low, the coil may not work. If the setting is too high, the coil will burn out and you’ll get a burnt flavor.

• Is the tank “spitting”? Are you getting juice in your mouth? Often, it’s just a matter of turning up the wattage a bit. Also, check to see if you accidently got juice in the center chamber where the airflow is. Clearing the chamber out may solve the problem. 

• Is the device reading “atomizer low” or “no atomizer”? This often indicates that the battery and the tank coil are not making a connection. A contact between them isn’t being made or the coil may need to be replaced.

• Are you getting a burnt flavor? The coil may need to be changed or the juice in the tank may have gotten too low. Refill your juice before it gets below the level of the coil to avoid this. The frequency of coil changes depends on the specific nature of individual juices and how frequently you use your device. 

Tried all the suggestions and nothing worked?

Don’t understand something?

Not sure how to change a coil?

We’re here to help!

Call or stop by and we will do our best to figure out the problem and recommend solutions.