Ohio Is Making This Decision For You

by | Oct 5, 2018

One fall evening in 2014, just months after opening our Chardon store, a woman came in to visit us. She asked my partner and me, if we sold CBD oil because it was much needed for her son who had epilepsy. We responded by saying that we had never heard of this oil, whatsoever! Immediately, we looked up this curious product request online. CBD (cannabidiol) was not a household word by any means! We began to discover reports that this ancient, remarkable plant had many healing properties for pain from CBD, derived from industrial hemp. In 2016, as a result of our investigation into cannabidiol, CBD entered our world. We were finally able to share it with our customers who were requesting this product in lieu of their prescription medications. We never imagined that in two short years, our ability to provide CBD in our brick and mortar stores would be in jeopardy.

In a few short years, we have been so fortunate and grateful to build a strong customer base. Our wonderful customers are real people! They trust us and our staff, by opening their hearts and allowing us to assist and guide them with the most important investment of their lives- their HEALTH! We require our staff to LISTEN carefully, so we can compassionately try to understand each person as an individual. Being heard by those who care is often a good first step to improved health. From young to old, our customers have differing levels of pain.

What have we learned and continue to learn? First, that there are so many people in mental and physical distress. Second, that they want to be free and live a quality life with clearer thoughts and improved physical mobility. We would NEVER have known the tremendous impact CBD would create in all our lives from that first day in 2014! Finally, when we discovered that CBD was beneficial to all mammals- our beloved pets, we added products to focus on them.

We diligently researched and chose the most fertile region in Kentucky for cultivating industrial hemp. We have developed a solid relationship with our manufacturers, who provide us the best available CBD products for our customers. This allows us to offer organic, domestic, full spectrum (whole plant) products, which are the specific desired qualities when purchasing hemp.

We have found, as business owners, that there comes a time to fight for our business! As owners of Premium Vapors, we faced the FDA and adapted to costly changes regarding e-cigarette regulations. But, yes, regulations are needed in many industries, and we complied accordingly.

Currently, Premium Hemp Co’s brick and mortar store in Geauga County, Ohio is in a fight for its life! The Ohio Board of Pharmacy’s GUIDANCE restricts every Ohioan from having a personal choice. Many of our current customers who rely on CBD for relief will not meet the criteria to obtain a medical marijuana card. They will be forced to rely on pharmaceuticals that have failed them in the past.

Ohio is making this decision for you right now, without your opinion or your consent.

Your VOTE and VOICE must be heard today and at the ballot, November 6th, 2018.

From the Owners’ Corner