Advocacy Is Crucial

Our industry is in jeopardy and there are much louder voices than the advocates. These voices are also very well-funded and motivated by greed. They will tell you that they are concerned about your health and the health of your teens. They are lying. The only thing they are concerned about is money.

The Great American Smokeout

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. It is also the month that the American Cancer Society hosts the Great American Smokeout. Every third Thursday in November, the American Cancer Society hosts the Great American Smokeout and asks smokers to quit smoking for 24 hours

Which Delta Is Right For Me?

In this blog we are going to go over the differences and benefits between some of the delta 8 & 9 products we sell at Premium Vapors and Hemp Company. This can be helpful when deciding what your personal needs are. It will also be generally informative if you want a bit of education

Nicotine Has Evolved

Nicotine is found in the nightshade family of plants with tobacco being the most dominant. Nicotine can also be found in tomatoes, potatoes, eggplants and green peppers. Early e-liquids featured a bioavailable “freebase” form of nicotine derived from tobacco plants.

Vitamin E Acetate in Black Market Cartridges

the truth has begun to surface, and it is exactly what we in the e-cigarette industry suspected. People are becoming ill from tainted cannabis products. New York State has shifted its focus to Vitamin E acetate, an oil derived from vitamin E, as the source of the mystery respiratory illness

Pod Mod Switches

When we refer to pod mods, there are basically two types of devices in terms of how they are operated. Breath-switch operated firing, and button operated firing.

The Orion DNA Go

The Orion DNA Go AIO by Lost Vape is one the most revolutionary pod devices of its time. It outdoes the competition by allowing the user to completely customize the performance

Choosing the Right E-Liquid

A large part of working at a vape shop is assisting customers who would like to make the transition from smoking cigarettes to using vaporizers. The goal at any good vape shop should be to help you make that transition as painless as possible