by | Aug 17, 2018

You may have noticed lately that your e-liquid bottles and boxes look a bit different. E-liquid manufacturers have been preparing for a significant FDA compliance deadline. As of August 10th, 2018 all “covered tobacco products” must now include a health warning label informing the consumer about the dangers of nicotine, according to the FDA. “Covered tobacco products” include e-liquid or any pre-loaded vaping device with e-liquid (pods, cartridges). The FDA is giving a one-month grace period for companies to comply. After September 10th of this year, all covered tobacco products must carry the following warning label:

“WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.”

The FDA has also set forth strict rules about the label itself. The label must occupy at least 30% of the package’s display panels and the text must not have a font size lower than 12 points, using only sans serif fonts. The text must also be black on a white background or black on a white background. E-liquid that does not contain nicotine must carry a different label that reads, “This product is made from tobacco” and manufacturers have to submit reports supporting the claim “no nicotine”.

In addition, the FDA with the Federal Trade Commission have launched a Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan and are issuing warning letters to e-liquid manufacturers who have marketed e-liquids in packaging that looks like juices boxes, has cartoons images or closely resembles food products that would be appealing to youth.

Premium Vapors is committed to remaining compliant with FDA, federal, state and local regulations. We have been preparing for the August 10th deadline for quite some time as well as future deadlines that the FDA has set.