Product Review: Raz 9000 

by | Feb 1, 2024

This will be a review on my part of the Raz 9000 disposable from the perspective of myself both as a salesman of around six years and an avid consumer of vape products. I think it would be appropriate to start with my anecdotal takes on this device as a guy who uses disposables. I will qualify my takes with the disclaimer that I use disposables about as much as I use my actual vape kits, and so my usage amounts to maybe half as much as that of a person who might only use disposable vapes on a regular basis.  


I’ll start by saying these are my new favorite disposables ever. The flavor is perfect and stays that way throughout the life of the device. The hits are smooth and the airflow is adjustable by a small slider on the bottom which either exposes or covers additional air holes in the device. My suggestion to anyone buying the Raz 9000 is to max out your airflow as soon as you take it out of the box. Doing so, in tandem with pulling air quickly, will give any user the lowest chance of torching their coils than in any other circumstances. I would also stress the importance of full puffs taken in the briefest intervals of time possible. This ensures that the coils are live for the shortest times and will extend your puff count hundreds if not thousands of hits higher than other people using the same device who take long and slow puffs.  


For me, nothing else beats these things. Even the screens are a nice touch. I began by thinking an animated screen was gimmicky, but ended up actually appreciating this feature which serves to indicate battery life and liquid capacity. Now I know when to recharge before I head out, and can better anticipate when I might need to grab another. I’ve also used the previous Raz model, the Raz 6000 and they honestly weren’t as good as the more than half of the Elfbar/Lost Mary 5000 series. But these 9000’s are in a league of their own. No other disposable comes close anymore. As a consumer I rate the Raz 9000 an outstanding five out of five. 


Now my perspective as a salesman will come into play. Out of the hundreds we sell every month, only three Raz 9000 devices have been defective to date. This fact, to me, establishes the high likelihood of a very robust quality assurance program in effect over these products. Good quality assurance goes very far towards building consumer trust in products and ensuring that we keep these devices for the foreseeable future. Other devices like the Tyson 7000 and Switchbar 8000 were unlikely to undergo anywhere near the same levels of QA as we’ve received several times more customer feedback instances regarding a defective device with those two than for any other disposables we’ve carried.  


My second take as a salesman is a more math oriented approach regarding device specifications. Personally and professionally I find “Puff Counts” to be a very misleading practice by way of marketing and informing consumers. If the Lost Mary has 10 milliliters of liquid and boasts 5000 puffs. Can the Raz 9000 boast its 9000 puffs with only 12 milliliters? I don’t think so. But I can’t exactly deduct points from them for doing what every other company does, I don’t think it’s fair to do that. So my advice to you is to completely disregard puff counts forever and take your devices for what they are. As a salesman I rate the Raz 9000 a solid five out of five.