by | Sep 21, 2018

You may have heard about instances involving vaping devices in which a battery-related problem has led to a fire or possibly even an explosion. The underlying causes of each individual case may vary, but a little education on the subject of battery safety could alleviate the issue of serious injury. The guides for the proper use of battery cells in the broad spectrum of devices that they go into would be too large to contain in one blog post, so for now, we are going to focus on REGULATED mods loading 18650 batteries.

When not in use, you should store your lithium ion batteries away from inadvertent contact to any and all metallic surfaces such as keys or loose change. There are inexpensive silicone cases available to store your batteries and many vape stores will give them away with a battery purchase.

It is our policy to advise our customers NOT to charge their batteries from inside their devices using their cell phone charging wall adaptors. Those adaptors are designed to charge battery cells specifically for cell phones and they use a higher rate of discharge. However, those rates of discharge are much too high for 18650 batteries, and for most other internalized vape batteries that aren’t 18650’s as well (i.e. Lithium Polymers, Lithium-Ions, NiMH, etc.)

It is also highly recommended that you charge removable batteries on an external charger. Batteries should be charged in a place where they won’t charge unattended, because although it is rare, it is possible that batteries can become damaged and malfunction while charging. Batteries should never be charged overnight and should be taken out of the charger and stored when they become fully charged. Charge batteries on a clean flat surface away from potential fire hazards.

Inspect your batteries each time before you use them. If your batteries become physically damaged or wet, you should replace them. If you can see dots or discoloration through your battery wraps, then bring them to your local Vape Shop to be discarded properly.  Check for dents, corrosion, punctures and tears in the cover. If your cover is torn, you can replace them at a fraction of the cost of buying new batteries. Most vape shops sell battery wraps and they can be applied very easily and inexpensively.  DO NOT continue to use your batteries if the cover is torn. Any portion of the battery exposed through a damaged cover can cause your batteries to short against metallic surfaces inside your device. Protect your batteries from extended exposure to heat and cold. If your device uses two 18650’s, purchase the two identical batteries, mark them so that they are drained and charged in the same position to establish a married pair. This will help your batteries to maintain optimal performance and maximum life-span.

At Premium Vapors, we believe battery safety is very important. It is our job to ensure that not only our employees are knowledgeable regarding battery safety, but that all our customers are equally informed any matters involving safety.