by | Apr 27, 2019

The Orion DNA Go AIO by Lost Vape is one the most revolutionary pod devices of its time. It outdoes the competition by allowing the user to completely customize the performance of the Orion Go. By downloading “Escribe”  to your laptop or computer and connecting your Orion Go you gain access to literally every single aspect of your device. Using Escribe, you can tailor your presets for salts, pre-diluted nicotine juices, CBD, or any combination of these.

Once you launch Escribe with your device connected via USB cable, a service pack will be immediately available to you for download. This service pack is a firmware upgrade for your device that we recommend you perform before you get started. Your DNA chip can store three preset wattages for .5 ohm pods and three preset wattages for .25 ohm pods. When you swap from one pod to another, your DNA chip will recognize your current pod’s resistance and apply the correct presets to the corresponding pod. That means there’s no need to change your settings from mouth to lung (MTL) to direct lung (DL) every time you swap from salts to regular e-juice.

If you’re a Novo user and you want your .5 ohm pods to hit just like your old Novo did with a freshly charged battery, make one of your MTL presets fire at 14-16 watts and narrow down your airflow to a slow draw. Use other resources like your friendly Premium staff member or Google searching if you need to know the wattage of one of your old pod systems, just make sure you specify the resistance of that old pod to more accurately find the approximate wattage you need for your new Orion Go.

As with any other pod device, you must fill these pods and either prime them by slightly closing off the airflow holes on the pods and drawing through them for 20-30 seconds or by filling them and letting them sit for 20-30 minutes. However, with the thickness of the cotton used in these pods, we would highly recommend drawing through the pods prior to putting them in the device either way. If you prime these pods and are using them on a regular basis the average lifespan is between 750 and 1400 puffs.

If you would like to view your puff count, simply open the escribe application and attach your Orion Go. There will be a button labeled “Device Monitor” . By clicking that, you will be able to view your entire puff count history at the bottom of the screen. In this section of the app you can also view everything regarding the performance of your mod, including, but not limited to:

Battery Voltage
USB Current (to view the amperage of your current charger)

Board Temperature (to make sure your device isn’t overheating)

Current Wattage (extremely helpful, since the Orion Go does not have a screen)

Puff Counter & Puff History

System Diagnostics (in case a device is not performing correctly)

Once you launch Escribe with your device connected via USB cable, a service pack will be immediately available to you for download. While the Orion Go Pod System is a little more expensive than many of the pod systems available, the additional features and options are well worth the added expense.