by | Feb 10, 2023


Our industry is in jeopardy and there are much louder voices than the advocates. These voices are also very well-funded and motivated by greed. They will tell you that they are concerned about your health and the health of your teens. They are lying. The only thing they are concerned about is money. And more of it. The old adage is very true-follow the money.

There is an excellent article on the American Vapor Manufacturers website,  “The Massive Network Bankrolling The Anti-Vaping Movement.”  I highly recommend you read it. The article provides an detailed understanding of the major opponents and the roadblocks that this industry is facing. There are also some very hard-working advocate groups working full-time to save this industry. They don’t have the funding of big tobacco and big pharma.

In December 2022, Columbus, Ohio passed a ban of  all sales of flavored vaping products, with or without nicotine. In January of this year, Governor DeWine vetoed a bill that would prevent cities from imposing these types of bans. Bans are happening all over the country. They are often passed before people know they are happening.


Our industry advocates need your help! It doesn’t cost you any money. It just requires a little of your time. Take time to be informed. Take the time to call or write a member of Congress. Let them know that you vape and you vote. While you’re on Twitter or Facebook follow an advocacy group. Join CASAA (it’s free).  Follow the links in this blog and learn about the people that are fighting for your right to choose your own method of harm reduction. There are also many more but this should give you a good start. Join us on Twitter and Facebook. Be forewarned about when and where the next move to take away your rights is coming from and how to prevent it. It was Columbus yesterday, it might your city tomorrow.


CASAA-The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association
AVM- American Vapor Manufacturers
OHVTA-Ohio Vapor Trade Association
AVA-American Vaping Association
VAEP-Vaping Advocacy and Education Project
We Vape We Vote
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