by | Jul 3, 2023

In my opinion, the Novo 2x is a remarkable improvement over the Novo 2. I’ve owned its predecessor, the original Novo 2 in the past, and I found the small size of the device to be its only real benefit. The Novo 2 lacked power, and furthermore flavor. And when disposable vapes came around their flavor far surpassed that of small pod devices like the novo series. Disposables specifically like Elfbar came a long way in a very short time. Transitioning off of them to devices like the Novo 2 was practically impossible, the sheer lack of flavor would only draw users back to disposables.

What makes the Novo 2x a better substitute for disposables is not the device itself, it’s the pods. They are leak proof, more powerful, more flavorful and top-filled. The Novo 2x in its current form is easily a great replacement for high power disposables of any kind. My favorite pods are the .8 MTL pods for anyone looking for a significant flavor boost to rival the Elfbar device. The Novo 2x is sure to be a great fit for newcomers and people trying to get rid of disposables alike.

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